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Referal List

Here's a listing of qualified services and products that have been time tested by your neighbors here on Chestnut Hill Lane:

Landscape and Yard Care



Construction and Repair


Health & Medical




Personal Services


Baby Sitting

Dog Sitting

Snow Shoveling

Food & Dining







Referal Listings


If you need a good referal on a service or a product, this is the place to be!

What better way is there to find good quality repairs and services than to have a neighbor you trust, refer you to folks that have done a good job for them in the past.

The referal list is just starting out so it is a little short at this time. With everyones help it should grow over time and be a real asset for the neighborhood. If you have a business or a service person that you've had good quality work from in the past, and you'd like to get their name around, drop me a line.

If you have a service or product that you provide yourself, also let me know, we'd be happy to have you on the list and promote our neighborhood entepreneuers! Even your kids can get in on the list. If they would like to provide some neighborhood services such as baby sitting, dog sitting, yard work, snow shoveling or others, drop me a line, tell me about their service and contact information and we'll pop them on the list.

If you have business card available get me a scan or a hard copy. If you don't we'll just put in a text entry. Email addresses are a great way to contact folks so the more the better. Help me fill up our list with great quality services!

Email me, Ken, at the Referral List